For private clients Nicholson's only ever select twelve wines per season.

We pick the best of the crop to suit the weather and corresponding cuisine. Our selection for Summer 2022 has something for everyone.

We choose from a list of around 1600 quality wines. That's a lot.

You may wonder how we select only 12. What criteria do we use to reduce a list of many hundreds to a simple dozen? How do we find our way through the complex landscape of competing products, with so many factors in play. Well, it pays to know what you're doing, and having the accreditation to prove it.

Wine is like any specialist industry, with a distinct jargon and buzzwords that can seem forbidding.

But Nicholson's are wine lovers as much as we are a business, and as such we want to share our passion with our customers.

To do so, we must demystify the world of wine so you can enjoy these premium products as much as we do. While this page will help, simply choosing anything from the list below, or the additional list of high end wines and fizz, will explain more than words ever could. We use a trade partner at the moment for private clients, 24 bottles minimum order with free delivery.

NB. We can source many other wines - just ask!

Contact us to order.

24 bottles minimum order with free delivery.

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