Private clients...

enjoy some light reds this Spring with Nich Wines...fine wines.

The nights are a little shorter, so what better time for your taste buds to travel the world!

We are the international wine merchants that bridge the gap between quality trade, and taste-conscious individual, to ensure a quality outcome, whatever your choice.

National customers we supply largely direct from the vineyard. For private clients we use a quality trade shipper with hundreds of wines. We choose twelve wines each season from in vogue wines to classic names, and all with an excellent price/quality ratio.​

To make this Spring more palatable for our private customers, please select wines from our 'Nich Wines..fine wines' tab, and we will deliver for free anywhere in the UK (24 bottles min. delivery).

Alternatively, just let us know the wines you already like, or preferred styles. You choose the friends, family and food and we will hand pick the wines that augments any menu.

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