Red Wine

Intense red, dark and complex.

In 1998 Donald Hess undertook an epic journey in search of the best wines of South America. He had been to Chile and then to the Mendoza region in Argentina, but to no avail he still had not found that special grape he was looking for. When he arrived to the Northern Argentinian province of Salta, Donald was inspired by the brilliant sunlight and excellent terroir that spurred on his vision to pioneer a new category called ‘high altitude’ wines.

Donald came across ‘El Arenal vineyard’ and two years later expanded to include Colomé at 2300 meters, the oldest continually producing winery in Argentina (1831). Today we continue the tradition of producing rare, limited production wines, grown with sustainable practices in a pure microclimate. Colomé is home to some of the oldest continuously producing vines in the world.

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