Domaine de Bréseyme ’19, Brézème Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge


Brézème is the southernmost and one of the smallest appellations in northern Côtes-du-Rhône, located where the Drôme and Rhône rivers converge. The earliest vines can be traced back to the Middle Ages.  100% Syrah.

To complement their Maison and Domaines les Alexandrins wines, in 2017 the trio of Rhône Valley winegrowers -Nicolas Jaboulet, Guillaume Sorrel and Alexandre Caso – took over the the Domaine de Bréseyme. Applying the same philosophy underpinning the Alexandrins wines, they are seeking to (re)introduce us to the authenticity and character of the Brézème enclave, a superb appellation planted on steep slopes, half-way between the northern and southern Rhône. Our vines grow in the localities of Brézème Est and Brézème Ouest. This four-hectare vineyard (split between 3.5 hectares of red and 0.5 hectares of white) is planted on steep, south-facing slopes whose highest point is Mont Rôti at 256 metres altitude.